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We Are a Broker of Human Resource Services.

With experience and savvy, MBS navigates the complex world of human resource services. We help you find the employee administration and business services you need to build your business and form the relationships you value.

We understand the issues faced by small-to-medium size and minority businesses. We provide solutions for hard-to-place clients. It is our mission to make your path easier, to educate you and others, and to open doors for opportunities.

Payroll Services- No more waiting on hold for a simple answer to a question. We don’t rely on an automated attendant for your payroll support, we offer a powerful, human connection.

We know your business is anything but small — it's everything. That’s why our firm offers a suite of scalable HR and payroll cloud solutions to help you run the business of your dreams.

Whether you’ve been in business for 25 years or you’re just getting started, we understand how important it is that you save time, stay compliant, and manage costs. Our firm offers a smart, flexible and affordable payroll, tax and HR solution designed to help you empower your employees and build your ideal world at work.


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