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Rebecca L. Palmer and team is headed by Rebecca, a family law attorney with over 25 years of experience, as well as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, a cable news commentator, and an experienced and tactful negotiator. She has handled a wide range of cases including dividing celebrity assets with an eye to the family behind the news, and was on the legal team representing Elin Nordegren in her divorce from Tiger Woods.
Rebecca leads an experienced team of legal professionals sharply focused on all aspects of family law, who are experienced in dealing with the sensitive and emotionally charged aspects of our clients’ cases, and are fully engaged in our beloved Orlando community. At Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group, we are dedicated to clients who find themselves coping with some of the most critical and emotional changes of their lives, such as the dissolution of a marriage, determination of paternity, or fighting for custody of minor children These are episodes in which the best result—a positive change–is achieved via an extraordinary level of trust, integrity and empathy, in addition to a well-focused set of legal skills. This law firm offers that rare combination in the service of our clients.

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